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Naba Najran Water was established in Najran, Saudi Arabia in 1999. The bottling plant is located near Najran’s valley where the pure water comes from. It has been through many years of making the suitable bottles of water.

Our goal has always endeavoured to provide consumers with the best quality and convenience. Now through the relentless of their Research and Development departments,  Proudly we developed and introduced for the first time in Saudi Arabia, the (5 gallon) 20 liter’s PET container for bottled drinking water.


Using uses PET bottles which give you a lot of special characters like keeping on hygiene natural water for long time without any order.

A state-of -the- art- facility for extracting and treating the water means the consumer can be assured of pure, clean water every time. Furthermore, the filling process is conducted using highly automated & technological equipment. Also,  water treatment systems using ozonation and other nonchemical processes to maintain the highest quality and purfication of our water.


Naba Najran obtained a conformity certificate from the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization.

 Water is very important to your health. Most of your body systems depend on water.

Therefore, drinking mineral water facilitate you to be in a good physical condition. Not only mineral water prevent disease such as Heart-Healthy-less, skin sagging. But also it the most effective means of ensuring good health.


  • At least fifty-five percent of the body's weight is water. Our bodies contain a lot of water; therefore, blood, brain, kidneys, bones, muscles, and lungs. Which are the most parts of our bodies?
  • If you drink when you feel thirsty, it is too late. You are already dehydrated. So, you may drink mineral water between amounts of 1.5 g – 2 g.
  • Drinking mineral water goes directly into the blood, which decreases blood thickness.
  • Dehydration poses a particular health risk for the very young and the very old. Lack of water makes you Excessive thirst, Fatigue, Headache, Dry mouth, little or no urination, Muscle weakness, Dizziness, and Lightheadedness.
  • Water is needed to regulate body temperature and to provide the means for nutrients to travel to all our organs. Water also transports oxygen to our cells, removes waste, and protects our joints and organs.
  • Your very survival actually depends on water. "Water has been ranked by experts as second only to oxygen as essential for life".

 Make a conscious effort to keep yourself hydrated and make Naba Najran water your drink of choice.

 We deliver all our convenient bottle sizes. Also, we deliver to your home and office. All these services are available. Just contact us at any time.



 We offer the best service for our consumers to drink the best water Naba Najran.



We provide to our consumers the pure natural taste of Naba Najran comes in a variety of convenient size bottles specifically designed to compliment your lifestyle and activities.



Product  Photo
5 gallon   
19 liters  
10 liters  
5 liters  







1.5 liters






600 ml




330 mml








Filling the water at source from natural water further ensure the purity and quality of the water.
The above features of their revolutionary new products clearly reflect Naba Najran’s commitment to provide with pure clean drinking water in a clean environment






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